Sunday, 22 July 2012

Weekend Music Playlist – Sly Digs Tip It

Well I’ve been Tweeting a lot, I hope you’ve noticed and followed me because at the minute, I’ll be honest, I’m struggling. 19 and counting for @powerismusic

The weekend is almost over and I’ve spent it chilling mostly and playing some sounds. I’m going to have to start reviewing some albums soon but for now I’ll waffle and mention a few names I’ve stumbled across.

Friday night was spent listening to some classics. The Smiths, The Verve, Oasis, Stone Roses, even a bit of The Killers. I love a sing song to ‘All These Things That I have Done’ I mean who doesn’t right?

Saturday and Sunday I’ve been fishing around and listening to various things. I played some Burning Condors earlier, four London lads with some massive melodies. This is a band I’ll be listening to a lot more and will have to review in more depth.

I also played a bit of Mutineers and their album Friends, Lovers, Rivals will most definitely be up for review soon. Fabulous sound them lads, fabulous.

My most pleasant surprise of the weekend though came from the Manchester band Sly Digs. A bit of rock n roll is what I love but it was the guys acoustic sessions I heard in Liverpool that grabbed me. Cracking talent and with them recently signed up to Flickniife Records, one that will be in smack bang in the public eye soon.

I’ll leave you with one of the acoustic set’s I speak of. Beautiful.

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