Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Milburn, Ahhh The Potential

Dubbed the next Arctic Monkeys, Milburn, a four piece from the Steel City wowed us with their debut album ‘Well, Well, Well’.

I remember seeing a gig of theirs, Joe Carnall fronting them in an intimate setting with a massive curly mop. He had the swagger, he had the backing and boy did they have the music.

Lipstick Lickin’ drummed around the venue. Crowd surfing emerged, beer thrown around. Milburn where here and we were watching a band that were going to be big, really fucking big, maybe as big as Carnall’s hair.

So where did it all go wrong? Why did the Burn, well burn? They seemed on the cusp of greatness, a second album release and a growing fan base.

That superb debut album aside, when you browse their collection and listen to tracks not released, such as Rudiments, their talent is relentless, sorry was.

With no bust up, no differences the boys decided to call it a day. To discover new musical horizons they told us, leaving us bewildered and gutted.

I still play ‘Well, Well, Well’ loudly and proudly wondering what might have been. For now though I’ll get listening to Joe Carnall’s new band The Book Club, who are making headways, supporting Reverend and the Makers.

Maybe, just maybe these will eclipse his previous stooges?

For you Milburn fans check their site (link below) and listen to the tracks that took them to the edge of greatness.

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