Monday, 30 July 2012

Mutineers – Friends, Lovers, Rivals – THE REVIEW

After numerous Tweets about these guys I thought it about time I plugged the I-Pod into I-Tunes and buy Mutineers album, Friends, Lovers, Rivals. 

Please note I promote legal music downloads and at £5.99, I mean come on, that barely gets you a Budvar these days.

As a whole this album, especially for a debut album, is a very good listen. It's nice, easy on the ear and will reach out to a wide audience. Their Twitter interaction with the many thousand who follow them reiterates this nice aura I foresee of them.

I think this nice and genuine stance I get from these guys reflects in their sound as musicians. They want to reach out to people, bring them in on a Mutineer's floating cloud of sound, sending their shadow kisses around the world to enjoy. Fuck that was bad ey?

The album then. It's good, relaxing and very enjoyable. I tried comparing them. The Courteeners came to mind, even hints of REM and dare I say it, Morrissey at times.

That's bollocks though, came my technical conclusion. 

These are Mutineers, the nice guys of rock and roll with very nice tunes. Forget your skinny jeans and big hair, these lads are unique.

The subtle range this album consists of ensures you don't skip any. From the cool Landlords Daughter to the beautiful Shadow Kisses, Friends, Lovers, Rivals has a fresh sound, one that caters for everyone.

Their sound isn't generic, their attitude isn't too. Listen out for them, their coming.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Milburn, Ahhh The Potential

Dubbed the next Arctic Monkeys, Milburn, a four piece from the Steel City wowed us with their debut album ‘Well, Well, Well’.

I remember seeing a gig of theirs, Joe Carnall fronting them in an intimate setting with a massive curly mop. He had the swagger, he had the backing and boy did they have the music.

Lipstick Lickin’ drummed around the venue. Crowd surfing emerged, beer thrown around. Milburn where here and we were watching a band that were going to be big, really fucking big, maybe as big as Carnall’s hair.

So where did it all go wrong? Why did the Burn, well burn? They seemed on the cusp of greatness, a second album release and a growing fan base.

That superb debut album aside, when you browse their collection and listen to tracks not released, such as Rudiments, their talent is relentless, sorry was.

With no bust up, no differences the boys decided to call it a day. To discover new musical horizons they told us, leaving us bewildered and gutted.

I still play ‘Well, Well, Well’ loudly and proudly wondering what might have been. For now though I’ll get listening to Joe Carnall’s new band The Book Club, who are making headways, supporting Reverend and the Makers.

Maybe, just maybe these will eclipse his previous stooges?

For you Milburn fans check their site (link below) and listen to the tracks that took them to the edge of greatness.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Weekend Music Playlist – Sly Digs Tip It

Well I’ve been Tweeting a lot, I hope you’ve noticed and followed me because at the minute, I’ll be honest, I’m struggling. 19 and counting for @powerismusic

The weekend is almost over and I’ve spent it chilling mostly and playing some sounds. I’m going to have to start reviewing some albums soon but for now I’ll waffle and mention a few names I’ve stumbled across.

Friday night was spent listening to some classics. The Smiths, The Verve, Oasis, Stone Roses, even a bit of The Killers. I love a sing song to ‘All These Things That I have Done’ I mean who doesn’t right?

Saturday and Sunday I’ve been fishing around and listening to various things. I played some Burning Condors earlier, four London lads with some massive melodies. This is a band I’ll be listening to a lot more and will have to review in more depth.

I also played a bit of Mutineers and their album Friends, Lovers, Rivals will most definitely be up for review soon. Fabulous sound them lads, fabulous.

My most pleasant surprise of the weekend though came from the Manchester band Sly Digs. A bit of rock n roll is what I love but it was the guys acoustic sessions I heard in Liverpool that grabbed me. Cracking talent and with them recently signed up to Flickniife Records, one that will be in smack bang in the public eye soon.

I’ll leave you with one of the acoustic set’s I speak of. Beautiful.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Liam Gallagher Joins Team GB For The Olympic's

News of Liam Gallagher and the rest of Beady Eye performing a rendition of Wonderwall at the closing ceremony for the Olympic games has me excited.

With rumours of the gig initially being offered to Liam’s brother Noel and his high flying birds circulating, it does make me think who I’d rather see up there (obviously not including an Oasis performance in that statement).

Noel’s genius v Liam’s swagger will always be the debate whilst Oasis seizes to exist, but on this occasion, for the Olympics, I think the swagger edges it.

London needs to put on a show and whilst I’m not denying Noel could do just that, Liam and the showmanship that he so easily oozes wins hands down.

For me now this performance is just sitting below that of watching Usain Bolt in the 100 metre final.

Do us proud and shiiiiiiine for us Liam.

Friday, 20 July 2012

I'm on Twitter!!

Joined the Twitter revolution to share my music news and reviews with the World.

Come follow me, I was as inventive as I could be and kept in mind the legend that is Richard Ashcroft in my naming convention:


It's the wrong way around and everything for creativity.

See you there.

Lend me your ear

I fancy blogging reviews on new music I hear, so is born!

Just going to set up a Twitter page now. Eyes peeled, ears pinned and the music will come.

Until next time.