Monday, 30 July 2012

Mutineers – Friends, Lovers, Rivals – THE REVIEW

After numerous Tweets about these guys I thought it about time I plugged the I-Pod into I-Tunes and buy Mutineers album, Friends, Lovers, Rivals. 

Please note I promote legal music downloads and at £5.99, I mean come on, that barely gets you a Budvar these days.

As a whole this album, especially for a debut album, is a very good listen. It's nice, easy on the ear and will reach out to a wide audience. Their Twitter interaction with the many thousand who follow them reiterates this nice aura I foresee of them.

I think this nice and genuine stance I get from these guys reflects in their sound as musicians. They want to reach out to people, bring them in on a Mutineer's floating cloud of sound, sending their shadow kisses around the world to enjoy. Fuck that was bad ey?

The album then. It's good, relaxing and very enjoyable. I tried comparing them. The Courteeners came to mind, even hints of REM and dare I say it, Morrissey at times.

That's bollocks though, came my technical conclusion. 

These are Mutineers, the nice guys of rock and roll with very nice tunes. Forget your skinny jeans and big hair, these lads are unique.

The subtle range this album consists of ensures you don't skip any. From the cool Landlords Daughter to the beautiful Shadow Kisses, Friends, Lovers, Rivals has a fresh sound, one that caters for everyone.

Their sound isn't generic, their attitude isn't too. Listen out for them, their coming.

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