Saturday, 4 August 2012

Alabama Shakes - Boys and Girls - THE REVIEW

Alabama Shakes debut with Boys and Girls and gosh. This album is beautiful and one I highly recommend.

Rock n rollers no, beautiful musicians, gosh yes. Two gosh’s? Must be good.

If you’re after some beat, track 9 Be Mine will accommodate you. If you’re after quality, well the album oozes it.

Hold On sets the tone. Britney Howard screams her talent right down your earhole. Listen to me you son of a bitch. Listen to me good.

If you don’t fall in love with her tone throughout Hold On then track 5 You Ain’t Alone will do it.

This was the first Shakes song I heard. I watched them live at T in the Park in Edinburgh and Howard stood motionless, effortless at the mic for You Ain’t Alone. When she sung it, well it was like she grabbed my heart, squeezed it and vacated my chest to continue.

Beautiful doesn’t do her tone justice.

This album is a chilling one but its beauty rocks you. It’s so fucking cool I’ve ran out of superlatives.

Buy it, live it and most of all, enjoy it.

The Smiths – Timeless

It’s 25 years since The Smiths split. 25 fucking years? That’s a quarter of a Century.

Yet the look of Morrissey, Marr, Joyce and Rourke is still very much relevant and their sound, well, will it ever tire?

At a time when alternative music, and an alternative look, was frowned upon by the mass market, The Smiths stuck two fingers up at it. They embraced the variation and made it cool.

25 years on their look is the look. 25 years on their sound is still the sound.

Visit this site, watch them in their hay-day. Embrace it and continue to live it.

For there are brighter sides to life 
and I should know, because I've seen them but not very often.