Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Commercialisation. The death of rock n roll

A raw hard hitting band or solo artist emerges from hear say, illegal downloads and local gigs. “Their amazing”, “the next Roses I’m telling you” These are the noises you hear on their arrival. A debut, a fucking lovely debut and their name spreads further but then something halts a clog in full motion.

Radio One, BBC, some media big wig wants a piece of the pie. “Change that”. “Shine that up and we’ll have you on this channel young man”.

The fa├žade gets scrubbed. The music get’s winded. The dream the fans were promised dies.

How often this tale is told.

You could argue the point with the Arctic Monkeys. What a fucking noise they produced on arrival. ‘What ever people say I am, that’s what I’m not’ is one of the albums of the last decade in my humble opinion. But what of them now?

Declining tunes yet a bigger profile.

Market the little bastards they ordered and now they reside as a household name with most mums and dads.

The Gaslight Anthem and their latest release ‘Handwritten’ is scarcely bordering this commercialisation threat too.

Rock n roll from the US perhaps wanting a wider audience worldwide? Maybe I’m just a pessimist worrying about nothing. What I am sure of though is that this particular album is by far the worst collection they’ve batched to us.

So many good artists emerge, especially here in Britain, and I hope as so many others that their raw ability is allowed to carry their careers.

One such star is Jake Bugg. A superb artist who’s getting a real name for himself through some massive media coverage.

For fuck’s sake Jake don’t end up collaborating with Ed Sheeran now will you!

Until next time, just like Mr Bugg, keep it real.