Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Book Club – Book Mark Them

Fans of the Arctic Monkeys would have no doubt stumbled across Sheffield counterparts Milburn in recent years, (Milburn covered in an earlier blog). Well since the demise of the latter, what has become of their sound?

Joe Carnall, the lead singer of Milburn, took his melodies to a new band, grabbing former Arctic Monkeys bassist Andy Nicholson In the process and developing his modestly named four piece ‘Joe Carnall and The Book Club’. That Sheffield steel Milburn and the Arctic’s ooze(d) was back. Carnall eventually dropped his name from the band title and POW The Book Club voyage begins.

If you haven’t downloaded some of the sounds this band produce then do so. ‘What Was Said On The Landing’ to ‘Cautious Cavalier’ all melt into the beautiful tone of Carnall’s voice. The Book Club’s sound produce plenty of power to back it up too.

Fans will relate to the sound of this band, jump with them, surf with them and sweat fucking bucket loads with them. Their modern, stylish and beaty demeanour is one that could propel them to heights Milburn didn’t believe they could reach.

The feedback coming from recent gigs are all positive too and there’s a real buzz around these boys and the future many see them embarking on.

No need for silence, The Book Club are coming.

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