Monday, 3 September 2012

Burning Condors - Unique Personified

Burning Condors. A flaming hot vulture? An ignited plane? What ever the name sake these lads are bloody hot and they’re bang in your face too. You simply can’t ignore their sound.

I’ve enjoyed listening to snippets of their work, in particular ‘Love On The Rocks’ which gets firmly imprinted on your brain for the next day or two.

The Burning Condors are London boys and are anything but the stereotypical band. They’re edgy, unique in their ways. There’s no attempt to copy bands up T’North and there are certainly no apples and pears getting climbed.

The indie trend is such an easy one to fall into for up and coming bands looking to make their name heard. Condors say no to that. They say it fucking loudly too.

The boys already have part of America on side with Producer Mark Robertson inviting them to his Nashville studio to work on their debut album ‘Round Our Way’. I find it all a little fitting considering their sound was compared to what Blur would have sounded like if they grew up listening to Nashville Tennessee’s own Carl Perkins.

The American influences are pretty clear to hear in the Condors sound but Marcus, Rory, Matthew and Chris are blighty boys and their sound will be leaking from the capital for more to hear.

Those who aren’t familiar with these lads need to be and the ones that are will know just why.

Their credibility is outlined by being chosen to support renowned US rock act The Legendary Shack Shakers at their 2010 London show. They’ll be more of these chapters to write in time too, you mark my words.

They are a band to look out for and one you should certainly listen to if you’re looking for something to break the mould. So many bands can get lost in the generic façade of ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ but the Burning Condors go as far to almost define it.

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