Friday, 12 October 2012

Sly Digs – Never To Be Tamed – THE REVIEW

Well I’ve banged on about them enough, so it’s only fair to review the debut album of Warrington rockers Sly Digs.

I’ve not looked forward to an album release this much for a while. Was I expecting too much of a debut album? I feared it might be the case. Was it? Fuck no. It’s an unbelievably good debut, it really is.

So many new bands get lost in a generic big hair and small jeans box. The Digs aren’t interested in that, it’s all about the music for them.

They have their comparisons, don’t everyone though? You can sometimes distinctively tell where their influences lay, such as in track 4, The Love That Keeps On Giving. You’d be forgiven for thinking your IPod had shuffled onto a Charlatans track.

How on earth could that be negative anyway!?

Overall though on this album, the Digs have a very bluesy sound to them yet their rock n roll shines through in every track.

They sound like Alabama Shakes would after 8 double Brandy’s and half an E.

It’s soulful yet hard. A sound that certainly isn’t generic.

Everyone will have their favourites on this album and there isn’t a bad one among it, honest.

It starts with a beautifully catchy number, Worth Your Weight In Gold, which sets a perfect pace for what’s to follow.

Bang Bang And My Bullet Was Gone will have people jumping and singing with each other come gig time and then there are tracks that get imprinted on your brain.

She’s My Rattlesnake is beautiful and if you’re still not satisfied by then, every Dig’s fans favourite Electric Love isn’t too far away.

Buy it. That’s all I can say. Bands like this don’t come around too often and this one needs supporting to the bigger things they deserve.

Never To Be Tamed is one of the most complete debut albums you would have heard in a long time.

8/10 – rock on lads.


SLYDIGS (pictured) are:
Dean Fairhurst: Vocals and rhythm guitar
Louis Menguy: Lead guitar
Ben Breslin: Bass
Peter Fleming: Drums

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